5 Lessons Can Be Learned From Start With Why

Who dreams big and wants to achieve it?

Who never think and compare with others with him/herself whatever the situation is now, this book is for you.

Every inspiring person, leader, and organization starts with why to inspire others and achieve remarkable results in their life.

Any individual and organization can explain what they do and how they do, but very few can clearly communicate why? that is why they left the remarkable sign to this world.

Let’s talk about the Wright brothers, Apple and Martin Luther King, they start with why, their purpose, cause, and belief.

People never support and buy your product what you do, they buy and support why you are doing it; they trust, believe, and support what you believe.

Talking about our reality, when we are in school, every one of us almost hates to read books. Our teacher always used to say you have to read a social study and it was felt like someone forcing us to read.

They always said what to read and how to read, that is why we always hate to read. We still do the same thing in our daily life, we start our day with what works we are doing how.

And, one day I was listening to one of the great successful people and he was saying books have changed his life. Why book then why not teachers, movies, and other methods of learning.

I started to read books, what I found in books is we can get the decades of researches, experiments and real inspiring facts which make a really huge impact to shift our life to the next level so reading books could be the best possible idea to make differences in life.

Then what we missed here, Sinek has described his Golden circle What-how- why. We always reach up to how, for example; what tasks, work to do how but we never realize and ask why we are doing what.

Everybody starts to form what and never gets into why. Most people and organizations easily say about what an amazing feature and design product is, but why should we believe the product why should we buy and what is the purpose? People don’t buy what you do they buy why you are doing it?

Some Points From Books Start With Why!

  1. To motivate others Captivate them

Many companies are manipulating their workers to get the best result. They are following old strategies rewards and penalties.

The person who gets a reward definitely might be the happiest person in the organization but who doesn’t get a reward might get demotivated.

A true leader and manager know the real why and purpose so they take action, inspire others to get work done so they get the best remarkable results.

2. Golden Circle

This book starts with why is based on the Sinek Golden circle What, How, and why.

Most of all people and organizations in this world start our day with what and how but we even never rich up to why.

Simultaneously very few people in this world do the same things but reverse way. And they start from why.

3. Reverse Golden Circle

When you start work from what needs to be done it might be very easy to get it done so quickly. Every organization says to the worker what their tasks are and how they are going to do them.

It also applies to the individual personal life, rather than finding why? we are going with the flow. When you decide to get a degree in university you already know what your subject is and how you are going to achieve it.

But you never ask yourself why and what is the purpose, do you believe in your work?

Someone saying some stupid reason, he/she joined the class and taking the same subjects because everyone doing so. You have lost your purpose, cause and belief called why in life here.

4. become more stable

Start with your day, and plan with questioning why is more likely to become more stable. Understand the reason why you are doing, what is your purpose be clear in your goal.

Why should people believe in you and what value can you add to people’s lives? What is your purpose and belief people should believe you in the same way?

5. Keep Why Alive

According to Sinek, Why means, your purpose, cause, or belief. Why anyone should care for you and your company? Why does your company exist?

To know why is not only to way to success, it is also maintaining success and having a great impact to inspire others.

When the why is clear in your organization, everyone becomes loyal and they believe what you believe.

Bullets points from Start with Why

  • People are more excited and motivated when they are captivated not manipulated.
  • To inspire people always start communicating with why.
  • If you start with why you don’t need to use crummy sales tactics.

In the book by Simon Sinek START WITH WHY in one line, every inspiring leader and the great company uses the Golden Circle in the Reverse order WHY-HOW-WHAT.



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