7 Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind You Should Know

Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind book summary and review

We learn so fast by watching others, here is a classic famous quotation “Monkey see monkey do” which most of us learn everything from our parents or our closest friends whether it is good or bad.

When I was growing in my childhood I used to hear from society, all money is kept by the rich people and government so there is no any left for us to earn that is why we are poor.

It is very easily get affected by surrounding especially when we are in child. So poor people are teaching their children how to be poor the rest of their life by saying money is the root of all evil.

That is not their fault because it has been passed from generation to generation about poor thoughts about money.

The mindset in personal finance comes from 3 sources

  • Verbal programming

What did you hear about money and about rich people? Did you hear phrases like; rich people are greedy, rich people are criminals, money doesn’t grow on trees, money doesn’t buy happiness, money talks, etc.

  • Modeling

The way we absorb and learn from others, our parents, and closest friends. How did they manage money, well or did they mismanage? Were they investors or non-investors? Were they risk takers or conservative?

  • Specific incident

Suffer from hunger and thirst, move to the city, and can’t afford to pay rent.

We have seen some lottery winners with a poor mindset, who won the lottery and become instantly rich after a while he/she come down to his/her same stage of life.

Whereas, if the rich mentality mindset people got the same amount of money they increase more than 10 times that amount by investing anywhere. somehow, if they lose their amount they find a way to get the return back.

There are always two sides that exist in this world such as left and right, north and south, night and day, etc.

So, there are two sides to our life too, inner and outer, to make the outer good we have to make our inner good first.

Same as if you want rich then you have to keep away our mentality from a poor mindset and build up the secret of the millionaire mindset.

Let’s talk more about the secret of the millionaire mindset.

1. Secrets of the millionaire mind, Rich Mindset

Rich people have always a positive and growth mindset. If they lose money on business, they find a different way and they run their business even more successfully again.

In the same case, if a poor mindset or poor mentality loses his money on business, he quit quickly, and he accepts that he can not rerun the business again. He starts to blame his fate.

2. Rich create their life

Rich people believe “I create my life” whereas poor people believe “ life happens to me”

Rich people are always taking responsibility and they are responsible for all either good or bad situations of their life.

Whereas poor people blame others instead of taking responsibility they keep busy on their activities such as:

  • “the blame game” without pointing ourselves first they always point others.
  • Justifying; giving unnecessary opinions and making lots of excuses about anything.
  • Complaining; To start a business it’s too much competition and the government doesn’t help.

These 3 things can not help you to move forward so, start correcting yourself. There are plenty of examples of self-made billionaires such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, etc.

You and only you are the reason in which situation you are right now.

3. Problem is power

Rich people find or see their problems as an opportunity. It helps to ignite their inner power, they motivated themself and find the best way to solve the problem.

Problems are everywhere so try to find an opportunity there, which might help your life to work better, focus on opportunity, not an obstacle.

4. Hard work

Success is not an overnight winning game, the secrets of a millionaire's mind are we have to sacrifice our huge amount of precious time and energy in a persistent way.

Rich and successful people are not in their status by luck, they are thereby their dozens of failures, trials, and experiences.

They are always excited to learn new things in life. They always read books or get some advice, knowledge from successful people. Bill Gates still reads 1 book a week.

Whereas poor mentality people always assume that they know everything, they don’t learn anything and they just want to enjoy this life whatever the situation right now.

5. Rich People Admire everything

Rich people admire other rich and successful people. Poor people resent rich and successful people.

“Those rich jerks” Poor people look at other people’s success with jealousy and bad ways. They say “they are so lucky”

Secrets of the millionaire mindset people always appreciate and help others. “Bless that which you want” — Huna philosophy. If you resent what others have, in any way, shape or form, you can never have it.

So start to declare now by

I admire rich people

I bless rich people

I love rich people

And I am going to be one of those rich people”

6. Rich take risk

Taking risks is one of the key secrets of the millionaire mind. Rich people are never afraid of taking a risk while taking risks sometimes makes them uncomfortable but it gives them more than 80 percent success.

Even if they fail in that business they take it as a lesson and they become stronger and more effective.

Whereas poor mentality people do not want to take risks they love doing repeatedly what they are doing now and do not want to come out from their comfort zone. They have always a fear of losing money and failure

7. Rich people choose to get paid based on results

Poor people love to trade their time with money. They love to pay based on time, monthly, or my paycheck.

Because they don’t want to or they are afraid of earning based on their performance. Time is limited and they are trade fixed time with money.

On the other hand, rich people have their income streams such as business, commissions, stock options, profit sharing. Rich people believe in themself and their values whereas poor people don’t so they are fixed with their monthly income.

Bullets points form secrets of the millionaire mind

  • If you want to create wealth then committed fully and truly.
  • Your goal should be high and to get rich.
  • Lack of money is not a problem it is the feedback that you are doing something wrong.



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